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Website Design Iglo Computer provides innovative and modern website designs with intuitive functional features that keep our clients coming back for more website design and development services all year long. We pride ourselves on staying on top the latest trend setting designs and website development techniques known to this planet. Our website design services surpass our competition by focusing on each individuals website design project as if it was our very own.

Whether you are in need of an html5 website with strong .css coding skills, or a content management system dynamic website with a backend for customers to log in Website Design, Iglo Computer is the preferred website development company in Jember. Call us today for a free website design and development quote! We offer 100% free consultations and design quotes Monday-Friday. Call 08888517382 to set up a free SEO and website design consultation.
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Before bidding our website design process we must first evaluate the market our customers wish to target. It is critical to search engine optimization to know what competition we are up against in your industry. After evaluating a strategic plan to ensure your designed website dominates the search engines we then begin to look at the design and development aspect. We are here to separate you from your competition so before we can bid a website design project we must first do a background check on your industry.

After we conclude our research of your industry we begin to draft you a formal website design proposal. This proposal will include scope of website design work, longevity of the project, specific project details, website design process, and price. All clients must sign and send back the formal estimate before we begin designing the website.


We offer free consultations to all clients that are interested in our website design services. or you can set up free phone consultation during our normal business hours. These consultations are typically scheduled after we have completed and sent out our formal proposal for our website design services. We like to interact with the customer before beginning any website design project to ensure that we are all on the same page and you are comfortable and happy with our design plans. These consultations are 100% free of charge and are a great way to visualize your website design project before the work is started.

After our consultation we will fully understand your web design and development project. From their we will develop a detailed proposal that outlines all the necessary steps to begin your project. We will explain the time frame of each step and required budget for each area of the development. After we have completed the web design plan and proposal, we send it to the client to be approved. Once the proposal is approved we can begin the web development project outlined.

After the site has been completed we first ensure the customer is 100% happy with the results. Then we set up your database and upload your files and push your website live to the world wide web. After the site is pushed live you are ready to see the results of having a great website developed by Website Design Iglo Computer. Finally, we are to work on your Off-Page SEO and marketing of your website. We offer great marketing plans after the site has been designed, developed, and pushed live.
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