WordPress CMS Training
Our course is for everyone who wants to learn web technologies for the purpose of developing business on the internet.  In addition to the fundamentals, you will get a very thorough overview of WordPress functionality, useful tools and plugins, and in-depth reviews of many popular themes and theme frameworks, both free and commercial.  We also have full session on search-engine optimization, mailing lists and shopping carts, WordPress eCommerce and membership systems.

Our course content, module by module

Week 1: Fundamentals 1
We hit the ground running with a detailed overview of what WordPress is all about, as well as:
  • WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS): What and Why
  • Domains & Hosting
  • WordPress user-interface & basic layouts
  • Configuring static site, “mixed” sites, & permalinks
  • WordPress Data Elements: Posts, Pages and Links
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Installing plugins

Week 2: Fundamentals 2
We go one more step here with advanced content creation, including:
  • WordPress menus and navigation bars
  • Links
  • Using the media library, posting images
  • Advanced Visual Editor (TinyMCE), entering tables, and heading levels
  • The all-important Text Widget: posting forms and images to your sidebar
  • Windows Live Writer (advanced content creation tool)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): downloadable PDFs etc

Week 3: Theme selection
Styling a site correctly is the difference between an amateur-looking website and one that looks professional. Choosing the right theme is half the work, and in this session we bring it down to earth for you by demonstrating some popular theme frameworks.
  • Introduction to Themes & Theme frameworks
  • Image management / Banner design with Paint.net
  • Styling a Weaver site
  • Styling a Studio Press theme
  • Styling a Woo Theme

Week 4: Plugin selection
  • Choosing the best plugins for your site is challenging.  In this session we cover the the top (and essential) WordPress plugins by category:  Navigation, Social media sharing, Backup & Security, Portfolios, audio and video embedding, and more

Week 5: HTML/CSS, Backup & Security, Moving Sites, Commenting
  • HTML and CSS introduction: the 5-6 HTML and CSS commands that do 90% of the work
  • Backup and Security
  • Moving Sites
  • Commenting & moderation

Week 6: Lead generation, Membership & E-commerce
  • Newsletter/auto responder systems
  • RSS-to-email systems
  • Payment systems & shopping carts
  • Membership systems

Week 7: SEO, Social Media Sharing & Follow-me
  • Traffic sources
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Keyword analysis (using free Market Samurai)
  • Google analytic

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